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The Baylors

My name is Dave Baylor and I am the administrator of the For the Multitude blog.  I am an ordained minister and missionary with the Church of God, Anderson, IN.  My family and I are currently on home assignment (furlough) after return from a two-year assignment at Kima International School of Theology in Western Kenya.  I grew up, mostly, in central and southern Indiana, USA.  I graduated from Bloomington High School North, in Bloomington, IN and attended Purdue University where I received a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering.  Prior to taking up my ministry calling, I worked as an engineer in the small air-cooled engine and automotive industries for 15 years. 

In May 2008, I graduated from the Anderson University School of Theology with a Master of Theological Studies degree.  My areas of emphasis include missiology, Bible, Theology, and biblical languages. The subject area of my thesis centered on Developing Leaders in the Two-Thirds World Church.  I reside in Anderson, IN with my wife and two sons.  We are currently in the process of determining our next steps for future ministry.

For the Multitude Blog

kist_location_200x228The For the Multitude Blog exists for two primary purposes. First, I am hoping that this blog will prove to be a valuable means for keeping all of our supporters up to date regarding our ministry plans and progress. The second reason for publishing this blog has to do with its chosen title: For the Multitude.  What is this “multitude” that the site is named after?  The answer is in the subtitle of the site:  Revelation 7:9-10Open Link in New Window.  The “multitude” of which I speak is the multitude from every nation, tribe, people and tongue worshiping as one before the throne of God.  That is the vision that every Christian should be working toward.  To see the Church in all its fullness, with people from every nation, tribe, people, and tongue standing before Jesus worshiping Him forever.

It is my hope that this blog, in some small fashion, might bring this to fruition.  In addition to the postings regarding my family’s ministry, I am hoping that this blog might become a discussion forum for the Church of God (Anderson) and others.  Some of the topics of discussion will include missiology (theology of mission), preparation for cross-cultural ministry, leadership development, appropriate technology, happenings at the various Church of God theological institutions around the world, short-term missions, anthropological issues, discipleship and technology just to name few.  Eventually, I hope that we rather than just myself, we could have a number of leaders contribute to the discussion by not only commenting on discussion threads, but starting them.

We all have much to learn and much to contribute.  Come join in the discussion.